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DS-2CD753F-E (2M Pixels,ePTZ)

HIKVISION (DS-2CD753F-E) 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS, UXGA resolution [email protected], 2.7-9mm @ F1.2 Auto Iris lens,DC12V/PoE UXGA: 12.5fps(P)/15fps(N),HD720P: 25fps(P)/30fps(N)

DS-2CD753F-EI (2M Pixels,ePTZ)

HIKVISION (DS-2CD753F-EI) DS-2CD753F-E with ICR  IR 10-20m

DS-2CD754FWD-E (2M Pixels, WDR) (HD1080P Realtime)

HIKVISION (DS-2CD754FWD-E) 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS,  1920×1080 Pixels 0.1Lux @ F1.6, 2.7-9mm @ F1.6 Auto Iris lens,DC12V/PoE HD1080P: 25fps(P)/30fps(N), WDR:


HIKVISION (DS-2CD754FWD-EI) DS-2CD754FWD-E with ICR,  IR 10-20m


HIKVISION (DS-2CD763PF-E) 1/3″ Sony Progressive CCD, 1280×960 Pixels [email protected], 2.7-9mm @ F1.2 Auto Iris lens,DC12V/PoE 1280×960: 12.5fps(P)/15fps(N) ,HD720P: 25fps(P)/30fps(N)  


HIKVISION (DS-2CD763PF-EI) DS-2CD763PF-E with ICR,  IR 10-20m  


HIKVISION DS-2DF1-572 1/3″ Sony Progressive Scan CCD, 1.3M Pixels(1280×960:12.5fps,720p/4CIF/VGA:25 fps), Color: ≤0.1Lux, Zoom:18x, Digital Zoom: 12X, ICR Focus: 4.7-84.6mm, SNR>50db